Earth Gems & Stone Refined Into Pipes

Earth Gems & Stone Refined Into Pipes

We have been for some time now offering smoking tobacco pipes made of crystal & stone. These have taken off in popularity within the first couple weeks of making them. The crystal gem pipes are by the the coolest pipe you will ever see, and the best part is they are ALL unique, ALL one of a kind. Here at Artisan Bound we take one of a kind serious, because no one with passion wants another cookie cutter product.

Even if you order the same gem type, it will not be like others of the same gem. It will have its own charactistic and unique feel. We have tons of gems to choose from. We offer Amethyst, Labradorite, Quartz, Serpentine, Goldstone, Tigereye, Jade, Jasper, and many more. Not only do we offer crystal gem stone pipes but we also have stone pipes for a more tough and durable pipe. Every pipe we offer from all categories will be unique. We do NOT use stock photos either, so what you see in the photo is exactly what will be shipped to your door!

To top off all this exciting information, we proudly offer free first class shipping on all pipe orders. If you order more than 3 pipes, it will be upgraded to priority mail shipping at no additional charge. takes our customer service serious, we ship daily and build friendships before profits. Join us at and become part of our little family!

To see all of our excellent stone and crystal pipes, just check out the link below. Copy and paste the link into your browser for all of our awesome pipes!

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